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Question Network card problem :( help plz

Hi all

I have Fedora Core 1 and I just finished all the updates (exept kernel pcmcia and kernel source).
With this patches my kernel got updated to version 2.4.22-1.2.174.nptl

After the update finished and a reboot my onboard ethernet stoped working... When I go to the driver dir and type "make" it now shows:

nvnet.c:1355: warning: implicit declaration of function `netif_device_attach'
nvnet.c: At top level:
nvnet.c:99: error: storage size of `nvnet_driver' isn't known

Anyone had this problem already?
google help wasn't much of a help :/


The code:
MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE(pci, nvnet_pci_table);

static struct pci_driver nvnet_driver =
    name:     "nvnet",
    id_table: nvnet_pci_table,
    probe:    nvnet_probe,
    remove:   nvnet_remove,
#ifdef CONFIG_PM
    suspend:  nvnet_suspend,
    resume:   nvnet_resume,

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