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the only problem i see with the 128bit rumor is that
it comes from the Inquirer ..

the same people who told "close sources" that Nv30 will be delayed to February 2003 ,what else ? oh ,that Nvidia will switch
to the Umsc plant (whatever the name is) because Nvidia
lost patience with Taiwan manufacturer .13 Fab .

and the end The Inquirer will claim , "we was right " ,
they have probably told hundreds of diferent specs for the NV30 .
6pipes, 8pipes ,128/256bit bus? 400mhz, Nv30 delayed to Feb 2003 and later available at COmdex 2002?

i still think until there is no oficial word from Nvidia ,this 128 bit
rumors should taken with grain of salt.

but if this is true ,Nvidia Nv30 with 128bits bus ,should have some
Truly revolutionary compression techniques ,something never seen before in the gaming industry,to beat ATi in every benchmark with its Radeon9700pro..

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