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Originally posted by K.I.L.E.R

Doesn't seem to be able to when forcing vsync on in RT.
i don't use RT to force vsync on or off in D3D, there's really no reason to. the default setting in the drivers is to let applications determine whether vsync stays on or off. and since i haven't noticed tearing in any of my games in D3D it would seem that vsync stays on.

of course if you change the setting to "always on" 3dmark can no longer turn it off, as you have taken control away from the app and forced it on.

take into consideration that i have no tried to verify this information, but it was revealed to me in these forums some time ago. and it would only make sense for a benchmarking program to turn vysnc off automatically. otherwise, it would be usless. actually, i take that back. i have verified it because i see framerates higher than my monitor's refresh rate while running 3dmark
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