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Default Re: Slow 2D performance... any help?

Originally posted by jpilotus

I have tried different PCI latency settings to no effect. Also tried disabling MTRR's per a suggestion I read on the web. No difference there, either. It's not the dreaded 2d performance bug... that was version 4191 and I'm running 4363. I have tried newer versions of the drivers, but they have the same problem, (and bring problems of their own) and all my OpenGL apps are built against 4363, so I *really* don't want to change, unless it's absolutely necessary, but I need better 2d than this.

What do you mean by 'my OpenGL apps are built against 4363'? I have upgraded with pretty much every driver update and never had any problems with applications (I have run into the '2d slowdown bug' and the 'via problem'). Are you linking your apps directly against instead of just or ?

btw MTRRs are a GOOD thing! Although the k6-2 does not have enough, especially if ou have an 'odd' amount of ram. Try limiting the amount of RAM in your system to a strict power of 2, that might help a little, but on my P4 1.8Ghz with a QuadroFX500 the 2d performance is still somewhat disapointing so don't get your hopes too high.

To limit ram without opening the case just append RAM=128M (or whatever value you want) to your kernel command line
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