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Hey Andy (of Nvidia) can you comment on this, I can't use my laptop under Linux until Nvidia fixes this problem and brings out a new driver! And all I really want is 2D, also I have a question, why are the 2D driver and the 3D driver now intergrated, so that one cannont be without the other. In early Nvidia driver realeases, I whould (on my desktop) us e the loadable module for 3d stuff, but I would use the opensource "nv" driver for 2D. Well my real thing here is why doesn't NVIDIA Bring out a pure 2D driver for Geforce 4 & 2 go users. I would finally like to suspend my laptop. I'm a gamer, but as of late I'm a serious programer too. And Linux is what I need to work under. I don't want to be forced to put an ATI in my next laptop, because Nvidia can't recognize the needs of their Linux laptop users.
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