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Default Regular lockup problem

I'm having a very annoying problem, namely that with the nvidia driver loaded, X locks up regularly. The longest it's run was around 20 hours (on the 4496 drivers), but usually it only gets 2-3 hours. The mouse moves, but there is no other activity on the screen, and the keyboard and mouse do not respond. This is not a kernel lockup, as other processes continue running (my MP3 player is still decoding, etc.)

I've tried the 5336, 5328 and 4496 drivers, and this happens on them all. I have Fast Writes and SBA off.

My motherboard is an Abit VP6 (dual pentium 3) board, which uses a VIA chipset. The card is an FX5600XT. I'm running debian-unstable, but I tried slackware 9.1 on the same machine with no luck. I have kernel 2.6.3, but I've had this problem with 2.6.2, 2.6.1, 2.4.23 and 2.4.24 as well. Running with the nv driver appears to be stable (been running for quite a few days with it without problems), but it's slow and gives no 3d accel, so it's only a temporary fix.

I would really appreciate any help with this.

I've attached an XFree86.0.log from the last crash (logverbose 5), and my XF86Config (I've tried with AGPGART and nVidia's AGP - this one uses nVidia's, but neither works).

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