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Default Me too, but in slackware 9.0

I've had all sorts of lockups with the current (as of 3 march 04) graphics driver.
I gave up on the motherboard drivers (I have the A7N266-VM motherboard)way too many crashes and lockups, some related to USB hardware on the board.

I'm about to pack the motherboard back up and take it back for a refund, unless I can find a solution within the next day. This forum shows a lot of people having random daily lockups under linux, so I'm not having
much hope.

Come Onnnn nvidia, open up the driver source so someone can find and fix the problems!
How many programmers do you put on the task??
I read linux is overtaking MAC on the desktop about now. Take linux seriously, not by giving out buggy drivers!
Gord Wait
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