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Ah, should have followed the link first - 4620 are the older versions of the drivers? What's so special? Why not download em from nvidia direct too?

Decent hardware, lip service linux support - crashing under linux is simply not acceptable for "released" mainstream drivers. I would have stuck with windoze if I thought crashing randomly was Ok.

Other than USB sometimes seeming to cause problems (I could not even boot the
bare.i kernel of slackware 9.1 without first disabling the USB chips entirely!) I wonder if the hardware Power Supply Fan monitor logic is causing me greif?
Under win2000, I occasionally get a warning from the Asus monitor claiming that the power supply fan has stopped - it hasn't, and the graph shows a breif subsecond glitch, so I don't know if the problem is real or not.
Point is, under linux, where does that IRQ go? perhaps this is missing from the nvidia drivers? (I can get a whole day of linux without a crash, then the next day, it crashes every hour or so - can't figure how the rate of crashing varies so much!!)

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