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Originally posted by LordMorgul

The drivers do support Mandrake and Redhat
I do not completely agree with that.
The drivers "are supposed" to support Mandrake and Redhat.

I recently purchased a 5700 ultra graphic card from msi.
It didn't work with driver version 5328, although it worked with my previous graphic card (a geforce 2 MX) and it was written in the readme file that 5700 ultra was supported.

I spent a lot of hours trying to solve the problem with my new card, until I upgraded to 5336. In the release notes of the driver, it's said "fixed some bugs with VIA chipsets". That's my case. Now it works fine.
Conclusion :
1- the drivers are supposed to work, in your case it may be false,
2- if your existing driver works fine, don't upgrade, unless you're shure you know how to reinstall the previous driver.
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