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2 days ago I fell asleep watchin tv.

woke around 3am for a second and happened to glance at the tv.

saw the TV adv for Desert Storm. in the final segment of said tv adv a sniper has Sadam Hussein in his crosshairs.

right then and there I knew I had to get it. imo we should have finished that job once we started it and many good people paid the price as a result.

graphicaly the game is very cool. nice use of per pixel lighting with my ti46. trees and shrubs that sway. animals that walk around. constant fly-by's by both friendly and ugly aircraft. bloody hands, faces. beautiful sand storm effects. buzzards circling overhead.

sound is very good imo. characters that use mild profanity and occasionaly have a sick sense of humor are cool.

took your advice about mouse sensitivity.

first Desert Storm then VietCong. Woot!
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