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I gave up trying to make my external nvidia card work.

The board also has an Nvidia chip set.
If the gfx drivers suck, why should I expect different from the chipset drivers?

I like slackware, besides this kind of issue is in the kernel, and all distros at the same kernel version are going to do the same thing.

IE if it doesn't work under slackware 9.1 with a 2.4.22 kernel, it's not
going to work on any other distro with 2.4.22 kernel.

I also read that people have the same nvidia lockups under 2.6 kernel, so no
point in spending another day updating to 2.6.

How much of my spare time should I invest debugging the nvidia drivers?
I think the last week was more than I wanted.

It's the drivers, which will be the same on ANY distro!

The new xfree does not have native 3D support for the nvidia card or onboard card I have (GEForce MX 400 based AGP). It does have tons of support for S3 and some support for ATI.

Also lots of support for via chipsets, amd chipsets, very little for nvidia.

I should have checked out the nvidia support before I bought - that's my main mistake..

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