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Originally posted by salemvam
Hello people
I only experimented that problem with Mandrake Distro. The driver works fine with Red Hat 9 (Shrike), Mepis (2003.10) as they are the only distros I could try due my limited knowledge of Linux.
Of course nVidia drivers must work with any other distro you can try too. But in my case the problem comes when I install them on Mandrake: only MDK.
Now I'm running with "nv" generic driver again, but this weekend I'll install nVidia drivers again to send back to this thread the needed files to try to solve this particular problem in my machine and any others by the way.
I switched to SUSE 9.0 and used their puplished solution ( ) of installing 5336 binary.
It creates an X-window and KDE will display. After doing a couple of menu clicks the desktop freezes and I have to reset.

What I think I will try next is to remove that ChainTech GForce4 MX440-8X chip from my mobo and install an NVIDIA PCI card that is known to work with Linux. I haven't seen any references to anyone getting this chip version of nvidia working in Linux.
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