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Default forcedeth issue(s)

Alright, so I already posted a bit on my ethernet problem, and I realize that this is a problem this forum sees tons of. But my card simply wont initlize. Now after trying things on my own for a day, then combing the net for two days, I have figured these things out.

1) the drivers are odd for onboard ethernet in nforce (for the sound to...)
2) there is both a 'tar' and an 'rpm' that contain drivers for these issues
3) forcedeth is the way to go to get your eth working, and it is included on some 2.6 kernels

here are my problems:

1) the network device manger sez "device does not seem to be present... delaying installation" this is also, by the way, what the fedora core returns when starting up
2) either I am doing something wrong (probably) or the files don't work, even after following evey set of instructions I found the same error occurs
3) I am still new enough not to know how to get those forcedeth drivers into, onto, whatever. I see this long text (?) files of code (?) how do I get these to work? My kernel is 2.4.22 i believe
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