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Originally posted by Antonio P.
I do not completely agree with that.
The drivers "are supposed" to support Mandrake and Redhat.
The quality of support is questionable, yes. But there are known issues with nearly every linux distribution because they all supply non-accelerated Mesa GL, which when improperly linked WILL, without question, cause problems. When installed correctly, there should be no significant issues with the 'distro itself', except for oddities like Mandrake rewriting the config file..
Generally speaking "Support" should not be considered to mean "Will work correctly in every case". That cannot be taken for granted even when installing windows supported hardware.
Originally posted by Antonio P.

it was written in the readme file that 5700 ultra was supported.

I spent a lot of hours trying to solve the problem with my new card, until I upgraded to 5336. In the release notes of the driver, it's said "fixed some bugs with VIA chipsets".
This is not a distribution issue, it's a hardware support issue. Therefore it doesn't support a disagreement with my statement. I won't challenge that these hardware issues exist, that is the primary reason I spend time here to help people resolve them (the presence of issues requires the presence of people that can help).
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