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Originally posted by SuLinUX
Seriously, you guys are in the minority and if you have tried everything then it's a case of getting some new hardware or gfx card. At least it only cost you time and no money if you had the same issues in Windows(people do alot) then you would be real stuck up the creek without a paddle.
In my case, I am up the proverbial creek with half a paddle and a leaky boat. It'd be nice to just snap my fingers and be able to buy new hardware but alas, I have no money to do so. Even IF I had the money, I would really like to find out just where the problem is before striking off and buying blindly. The problem could exist just about anywhere, that's the reason I stopped ghosting and posted something. I hoped and still do hope that I can find a diagnosis for this problem, maybe that will happen eventually.
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