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Originally posted by sbp
Looks like lack of traffic. With the view set to 30 days and not counting the sticky, there are four threads-one of which has one reply and two threads with two replies each.

Now if you had to chose a forum to make PC Modding a subforum under, which forum would it be?

Think about this Gator: better it be a subforum. It is easy to deactivate a forum.

Professional Graphics Cards forum isn't doing too well either.
Yup, I actually almost removed it but decided I'll give a few more weeks. General Hardware was the closest forum to put it under though.

btw, I'm watching the "Workstation" Graphics forum too which is low on traffic. May just merge it w/ one of the other existing graphics forums if it doesn't pickup. We'll see how it goes.

Just felt like doin' a 'lil spring cleaning
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