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It works great. I'm using an MSI geForce fx5200 VTD 128 with the NVIDIA driver, as MSI's driver doesn't like my computer, but I haven't had a single problem with Fedora...I haven't tried connecting anything through my VIVO connector yet though, so I don't know about TV video, it supposedly works, but I don't know how well. Anyone considering a GeForce fx5200 video card, this MSI card is great, you get Vivo, dvi, vga connections, it looks cool with a big copper heatsink and fan, and it comes with a bunch of software...though Ghost recon is probably the only one I'll use. Just make sure to use the NVIDIA driver when using windows, though if you can get the MSI driver working it gives some good Overclocking control. I got that working by installing the MSI driver, going to safe mode, and installing the NVIDIA driver, and then it worked great and I got all the MSI extras.

NVIDIA was my choice due to its Linux support, and they haven't let me down.
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