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Default Re: Re: Slow 2D performance... any help?

Merlin writes:

What do you mean by 'my OpenGL apps are built against 4363'?

They were linked against the NV libGL and compiled using the NV headers.

I have upgraded with pretty much every driver update and never had any problems with applications (I have run into the '2d slowdown bug' and the 'via problem'). Are you linking your apps directly against instead of just or ?

They're linked against "", which is, of course, actually Nvidia's I had problems with GL apps which were compiled against SGI's GL when I first installed the Nvidia drivers, due to functions which weren't available in the NV lib. Left me a bit "gun shy", I guess.

Maybe when I hear that Nvidia has boosted 2D perfomance by about 3000%, I'll consider upgrading.

btw MTRRs are a GOOD thing!

I know. I was just trying because I read where someone had stopped his audio from sputtering on a VIA chipset by disabling MTRR's

Try limiting the amount of RAM in your system to a strict power of 2

Never heard of that one, but my RAM is 256MB now... not an odd number.

Thanks to you and jblack for responding, although it's not too encouraging too hear you say that with a CPU 4 1/2 times faster than mine, and a newer, faster Nvidia card, 2D is "disappointing". I would think that the manufacturer's own driver could at least manage to equal the XFree86 drivers in performance, but it seems not.
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