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Lightbulb Video Editing under Linux

Hi there!

I just want to ask you about video editing under Linux. Is it possible?
In the present time I edit my movies under Windows XP Professional with
Ulead MediaStudio 7.01 Pro. Everything is allright. But I'd like to experiement something new... like Linux... becouse everywhere is talking about it.

Two days ago I have installed new russian distributive of Linux - Linux XP Professional Edition that is build on Fedora Core. And I very liked this OS. I never worked with Linux, everybody told me that it's stupid and difficult OS, but I have understud how does it work and I really like it. But I do know nothing about possibilities of video editing in Windows.

Do exist any programs as good as Ulead MediaStudio but for Linux?

My PC configuration:

Pentium 4, 2.0 GHZ, 512Mb of RAM, GeForce4 MX 64Mb, TV-out, AGP 4x.
Sound Blaster 5.1 Live!, IEEE1394 by Texas Instruments, Motherboard: Soltek SL-85DR2, HDD:
primary: Western Digital 40Gb, ATA100, 7200rpm + slave: CD-RW (_NEC)
secondary: Seagate Barracuda IV 120GB, ATA 100, 7200rpm.

Is it possible to use my PC configuration for full power under Linux?
The main purposes I use my PC are: video editing, office work (word, excel, powerpoint), audio editing, image editing (photoshop) and Quake 3 Arena (but it's not neccessary )

Thank you a lot for your answers.
Best regards,

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