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Question Fine tuning RH8 NVIDIA driver install

Originally posted by thadjudkins
Hi, I've just installed the drivers as per original instructions and it went off without a hitch. I have a couple of questions though:

1) when I go to RH8 prefs the diver "nvidia" doesn't show up in the list. I have in manually entered into the XF86Config and I can always just type it in on the menu but should it show up as an option?

2) I still don't get the option to run my 1600x1200 screen at 32 bit color, shouldn't that option show up now that the nvidia driver is installed?

I too have the driver installed with the normal responses, I can boot up in 1024x768 but I do not have the 3D box available to check off nor can I select any res above the 1024, all other res settings are greyed/unavailable.

Any one have hints on what I'm leaving out? Options maybe?
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