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>> Can't you do the colour transformation in a pixel shader? <<

Probably yes... The reasons why my tendency is to go with Xvideo at the moment are: First, I've got an Xvideo implementation that works, and it's fast (at least fast enough... maybe GL with colour conversion via a pixel shader would be faster, but I have a hunch that the limiting factor is probably bus speed). Second, Xvideo is supported by just about every graphics driver out there (so even if a driver doesn't do glXWaitVideoSyncSGI, I still get the basic video output, albeit unsynced), whereas GL_NVX_ycrcb would be Nvidia specific (I'm guessing NVX stands for Nvidia extension) - OK, we only use Nvidia hardware at the moment, but you never know. And third, I have zero experience writing pixel shaders. ;-) Of course, on its own, this last reason would not _be_ a reason -- in fact, I would welcome a pretext to learn about pixel shaders ;-) -- but given the other two factors, it just tips the scales slightly further in favour of Xvideo...

Having said that, I would definitely welcome any pointers you could give me on doing colour conversion using pixel shaders.

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