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Originally posted by Glorandar
You will want to direct ALSA's oss emulation device 0 (/dev/dsp0, etal) to ALSA device 2, so that applications using the free/OSS API will produce their sounds on your nifty digital speaker system. To accomplish this mapping of free/OSS device 0 to ALSA device 2, add the following to your modules.conf file:

options snd-pcm-oss dsp_map=2

I put some more complete notes on this site:

One note, I am assuming here that the alsa driver provides the same devices for both the nforce2 and nforce3 motherboards. As I use an nforce2 based ABIT NF7-S (rev 2) I cannot confirm this assumption.
ah thanks
I had that line but with only adsp_map instead of dsp_map
I've put both and I get the sound through the spdif outputs now.
I have one problem with mpg123 though, it outputs the sound through spdif,
but it's all garbage, you can somewhat hear the music but it's very weird
(somewhat like when you play a stream and that you are missing lots of packets)

And I still can't get the volume control to work at all.
Is it working with your nforce2 ? (controlling the spdif output volume)

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