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Default XVideo inverted color or missing red channel?

Hello all, first time poster so I apologize if this is a known issue. I have an nForce2 with build in GeForce4MX system.

I upgraded my Mandrake 9.2 to Mandrake 10 over the weekend.

Afterwards I installed 5336 as root (Kernel version 2.6.3) and all seemed well (GL was nice and snappy, etc) but today I fired up xine and it had the colors all messed up, like a color negative or missing the red channel, it's hard to explain. I recompiled xine from source just in case the new kernel or new glibc has been the culprit but no luck.

When I use xv or xvmc I get the color weirdness but if I use any other non-accelerated output (xshm for example) the colors are fine but of course that's not really an acceptable solution.

Attache is my XFconfig file. Any help would certainly be apreciated.
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