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Default DFP and TV: I want DFP to be the primary display!

GF4 MX 440, DVI + TVout. Connected DFP to DVI and TV to TVout. Tried both TwinView and the "Multiple X Screens on one card" but no matter what I do the TV is always the primary display and the DVI is the secondary.

Obvious problems caused by that include X thinking that 800x600 is the physical resolution and 1280x1024 is just the virtual one (in case of TwinView) or booting my usual X11 setup on the TV output (including GDM login screen) and having empty X11 screen on the DVI DFP.

This is sooo annoying. Why the TV has a higher priority than the DVI? It must be a software bug anyway since when I was using CRT on the DVI connector it worked properly (TwinView).

Please help me configuring it so that DVI DFP is the primary display, 1280x1024 is the primary real physical resolution and TVout is just a 800x600 Clone of that, or even a separate X screen, but _SECONDARY_ since I use it for xine only.


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