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Well. I must say that I was a big skeptic of the R9700. I have the Ti4600 and I now have the R9700.

There is simply no comparison at ALL IQ wise. The R9700 wins hands down.

You can argue all you want about what looks good at what angle but the fact is that at 6xFSAA and 16x aniso the R9700 IQ is vastly superior than anything the TI4600 can do. Period.

Add to that that most games are actually playable at those settings on the R9700 and its a done deal.

Believe me I'd love to say it isn't true, I'm as big of a fan of Nvidia as the next guy but the R9700 is just so much better it isn't even a contest.

We may have a different story when Nv30 arrives but for now the R9700 is the best.
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