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Default nvnet driver 2.6.4


Can some one let me know where i can find a patch to make the nvnet driver source from the nforce unified driver package compatible with a 2.6.4 Kernel! (I am using 2.6.4-ck1 atm)

I did have a patch to make the nvnet work with the 2.6.3 but not 2.6.4

Or can nvidia PLEASE release a driver for the 2.6.* series, We can get the agp, ide, and sound from other places, but not the network card.

I have tried the forcedeth driver, but it is SHOCKINGLY bad.
menuconfig said it was experimental, but it said nothing about being this bad.

After clicking on a link or typing in a url, it takes the thing about half a minute before the title of the page will come up. That used to happen pretty much instantly. It is like I am using dail up There is some serious loag when doing anyhting with the network card.

At the moment, this is that last time I am ever going to buy an nforce based Mother Board, I mean it is good, but driver support isn't up to scratch, and nvidia have always been good with drivers.

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