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Originally posted by Chalnoth
I don't think so. I would assume that the GeForce3's anisotropic is identical to the GeForce4's. I don't currently have a GeForce3 to test.
then why did the GF4 have a greater performance hit for enabling AF than the GF3? comparing the GF3/4 AF scores, you would have expected the GF4 to at least outperform the GF3 by the clockspeed increase %.

additionally, AFAIK AF in D3D is still slow as mud with a GF4. the performance hit with OGL is considerably less than it was with the card's introduction. also, last i checked the tweaks for AF in D3D for disabling texture stages only work with the GF4 and not the GF3. not exactly conclusive proof, but i find that fact interesting.
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