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Default AA, FreeBSD, and a headache

I've been trying for close to 2 weeks now to get Americas Army working on my system. I'm running FreeBSD4.9 Release on a custom kernel. I have the 4365 _2 drivers. I know the drivers are working fine. Glxgears run's fine. I built RTCW: Enemy Territory from ports and that runs very very smooth. Rather surprised on that. I've checked all the settings from the console with 'sysctl' and they look fine. I have my XF86Config file setup as per the instructions in the README. So everything seems fine but when I startup AA it gives me a message, not an error but more of an informative message and halts on the splash screen. The following is the message I found it in the README- FAQ section.

Known Issues: the Linux OpenGL library, when run in linux compatibility
mode on FreeBSD, may have difficulties determining if the application
is multithreaded. As the resulting warning suggestions, it may help
to set the environment variable __GL_SINGLE_THREADED (eg: `setenv
__GL_SINGLE_THREADED 1`). Please see the FAQ entry "Why can the Linux
compatibility libraries not correctly determine if they are used in a
multithreaded application?" for details and a better solution.
This is the whole section of the FAQ although the message is in there. So I find out that I can't use 'setenv' as these directions say. Instead I found out since I'm using the bash shell I need to use 'export' So I type 'export __GL_SINGLE_THREADED='1' ' into the console and tried running the game and it didn't show the other message but rather an error.

fcntl: Device not configured
After this the screen changes res to the configured game rez and the screen goes black. Sits there about 15 seconds or so, all the while the cpu light is flashing so I'm thinking the game is loading because it does the same thing on windows, and all the sudden the pc dumps and does a hard reboot. That's it. My XFree86.0.log file shows no errors, nor does any of the log files in /var/log/ I thought there was an armyops.log file but I have yet to find it. I'm still looking into what that device is because it seems to be the source of my problem. Has anyone else enountered this strange error? I'm so close in not needing to boot into windows, this is my final step.
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