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There is no evidence to support that ATI's aniso method is fundamentally of higher performance.
ATIs method is the same on the 8500 as it is on the R9700 just with Tri-linear and an angle tweak. Its been shown on a GF4 vrs 8500 comparison that once you hack down the GF4 to also only do Bi/AF (so you level the playing field so to speak) that the 8500's AF had a lower performance hit.

Regardless of the reasons it wasn't done, I'm very certain that performance is not one of them, and nothing can change the fact that ATI should fix the problem once and for all with their next major architectural change (I don't expect any improvement in the Spring...that would be far too much to ask for).
Once again there has been public announcements made by ATI PR people, ATI Engineers and ATI Software (ie drivers) writters that they intended to design their AF this way as the speed difference was worth the "problems" in ATIs mind. I understand that you have a technically correct reason. But with all the other information your choice although valid is not the reason they went that way.
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