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Originally posted by tecate428766
so, what is the best 5900 series as far as price goes? the fastest one out there isnt what im after, but im really wanting to upgrade from a geforce3 ti. all these different cards now having different stuff is just getting to confusing for me, i liked the olderdays when voodoo was king and thats all you needed to know. anyway, someone tell me the best 5900 with the best(lowest) price that can overclock and give the 5950ultra a run for its money.
you are about to start a huge debate in this thread. cause we all have our opinions of what to get. i personally have an Evga 5900SE. it came to me at 400/700 speds and i have it at 475/854. the gpu is 5950 speeds and the memory isnt but its close. and keep in mind, you can flash bios to the 5950 and overclcok higher sometimes. i am not going to cause i am going to use the EVGA StepUp program so i can get the nv40 cheaper (if it comes out within 71 days). if you get a 5900 non ultra and not the XT/SE, you will have faster RAM and you can overclock even more than the XT/SE (the non ultra's have 2.2 ns memory and the XT/SE have 2.8)
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