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Originally posted by FuGu
Hi all!
I'm new...
That's my problem: i've got a Gentoo with a 2.6.4rc1 kernel. The problem comes with the sound of my A7N8X-Deluxe: i can hear just 2 channels (the front ones) and no more. Using the Alsa drivers with OSS emulation and setting with Kde (3.2) the Alsa drivers, i hear scratches and pops. So, turning on the OSS in Kde, that disappear...
Can anyone help me with the 6 channels?
(...i'm trying to take a look at your guide, but there's no more on that web space... )
Thanx in advice.
Well, by now i solved using just one jack and let the subwoofer do everything... but if i would hear a real 5.1 surround? And what about a Eax emulation or something like that for 3d audio in games? In the way i solved by now, i can't adjust the volume for each channel, because there is just one jack (stereo) plugged in... but if i connect everyone, i just hear the 2 fronts (and no more!).
Can you help me?
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