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ah yes, the fabled ExtremeTech AF article...where both shots had AF enabled and the author didn't even know it, and came to the conclusion that no AF and AF looked the same nice to see that they fixed those images but with a ridiculous screw up like that, how can we trust anything in that article...

that really doesn't say what nvidia is or is not doing, ie
Also, if you consider the degree of anisotropy across a typical scene, the parts with highest anisotropy cover relatively small screen areas. You can see this if you compare the performance difference between 8X and 16X aniso; it's very small, because when 16X is used its only on areas nearly edge-on to the camera.
Chalnoth seems to say that nvidia does indeed do this, as it's part of the AF specification.

anyway, have you ever considered that ATI could just say that they implement AF they way they do after the fact? i mean, for whatever reason, ATI does AF the way they do it, so why not hype it?
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