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my advice


The Battlefield team is up to their old tricks again. Releasing crap early then making us wait for a patch. If its anything like last time they will announce the first expansion pack before they fix the issues too.

Problems so far:

The net code has performance issues, everyone has "jerky" lag on every server I went on tonight.

The server browser is half broken, often it doesn't return any servers, and usually only returns 100 or so of the total >1200. It also fails to return a ping, and even a simple feature like sorting servers in order of ping doesn't work anyway.

There is a wierd texture pixelation issue that happens on some models when anisotropic filtering is enabled.

The STUPID refresh rate bug from the first game is still there (you have to edit the .con file and set that variable).

All these bugs are inexcuseable as the game engine hasn't changed at all. The graphics are improved, but thats only because the models have some more polygons and there is more folliage. It still doesn't do a good job at creation a jungle atmosphere though. That old game "NAM" created with the Duke Nukem 3D engine still does a better job of creating a jungle atmos than this.

It could still be a good game once the patches are out, but its not as good as I had hoped. As Liquid says, its more like a mod than a whole new game. Im gonna play UT2004 and this is going on the shelf until the first patch comes out.

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