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Originally posted by LiquidX
I got mine yesterday and I like it but I do have a few problems that I hope get fixed in a patch. I also hear alot of people from other forums bitching that it runs bad on there uber systems but it runs fine on both of mines.

My issues

-It feels like a mod more than a whole new game to me. But its still great.

-Sounds....its good but you cant really hear futher away explosions and battles like you could in BF1942/DC which is sad. Very Mute as if nothing is happen over the hills when you see napalm dropping and I run an Audigy ZS
-Darkness-Maybe its my monitor but this game is very dark. Anyone else have this issue?

-Resloutions- Some do not fit my screen, and by time I stretch them out with the monitor controls to fit the screen its at 100%, so with for instance 1280x940 I have to play with black borders at the sides. Also for some reason 1600x1200 runs better than lower resolutions.

Over all everything else is pretty cool and I like especially the music and aircraft control compared to DC. And I have to give the EOD boys there just reward because this is not much better than there mod and infact I think EA took some of there and improved on it.
What he said.

Yes, I have the same issues - disappointing sound, darkish screens.

I do not have the resolution problem, though. What drivers are you using?

I am looking forward to the next couple of patches. I think there are a lot of minor bugs to work out. Overall, great game - just needs the kinks ironed out.
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