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Originally posted by |JuiceZ|

I also heard a rumor that EA basically stole the code from the helicopter in the DC mod for use in BF:Viet, anyone know if this is true?
I actually think there easier to control in Vietnam and thus more fun. No more crashing 10 seconds later for me.

Also I couldnt put my finger on what was different though the game feels almost the same as BF1942. Well I finally found now actually feels like a full out FPS. BF1942 is FPS but it never felt right or liek most other FPS and it was hell to kill someone and to me it just evolved into a vehicle game to capture flags. Your goal became just to spawn and find a plane, jeep or tank and kill them with that. Vietnam I think changed that in the fact it now feels more tuned to be on your feet running with a gun. And this time around being a sniper doesnt actually suck and eqauls death as it use to be.

In the end the more I play it the more I love it after almost regretting it with all the its sucks going around. Itj ust rocks to be able to put on any song played to the end in any vehicle. Nothing like a heli storming a position with gunners on each side while "letter" is playing. I think its worth if you like BF1942/DC/EOD...and if you never liked BF1942...I think this may actually change alot of people minds based on the polishing up of the running and gunning aspect.
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