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Hmm. Well, I guess that's always one possibility with things like that... Don't feel bad though; when I first got this GF4 (from FTI Computers), one of the capacitors was rolling around inside the anti-static bag. It appeared to have broken off either during shipment or while it was being stored at FTI's warehouses.

So I RMA'd it with FTI (as a DOA, finally, after talking to like 8 different people over 4 different phone calls), and got another one. The problem was, this second one also had a capacitor missing -- or at least, there were a couple of holes in the PCB with solder in them, and a screen-printed "a capacitor goes here"-type image over them. So I can only guess that another capacitor was there originally.

Of course, I don't know this for sure, because when I got the second card, the anti-static bag was open when I got it. And no parts were rolling around free in the packaging.

Luckily, the card worked anyway (my guess is because these were just power rail coupling capacitors to dampen electrical noise, and there isn't enough noise on whichever power rail this one is connected to to make any difference), otherwise I would have had to call and tear FTI a new one. And I do never plan on buying from them again, or recommending them to anyone. I would have considered taking the whole thing up with MSI (actually, the first person at FTI claimed that I should do this very thing... ), except they specifically do not do RMAs for end users. Only resellers.

Anyway, yeah, basically, some vendors really suck. And sometimes you just get a bad card...
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