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Originally posted by Mullins1060
lol but what ur forgetting is ut2k3 was a flop they HAD to get it right this time.

as to the bf:v problems they arent that bad all shud be fixed easily with a patch. The game is still perfectly playable.
ut2k3 was hardly a "flop"... it was more a matter of market preference towards more "realistic" shooters such as CoD, BF1942, and MOHAA before it.

it was disappointing in some ways with some popular modes from ut removed, but it had nowhere near the coding problems that bf had.... i think 2k4 will renew some public interest in the "space sim" shooters once again... especially until they get BF:V running (heh.. try running it on a radeon).

at any rate, different strokes as they say... it's always nice to have choices
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