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Originally Posted by MikeC
Thanks for the comments. This was a spur of the moment upgrade since it was a weekend and Joerg, who lives in Germany, was available.

I am a newbie with vBulletin 3, so it's a learning process for me as well. Fortunately, I seem to take these types of changes in stride since they also happen in my "real" job.

I am becoming familiar with the new interface, but the administration of vBulletin 3.0 has been totally overhauled. Not so much the control panels, but the underlying architecture is now based on inheritance. If you are an object oriented programmer, you will feel right at home with vBulletin 3.0.

My main goal was to get the advertising banners working again, which I just finished. It took around 3 hours to figure out how to incorporate them, but most of that time was spent on figuring out how vBulletin 3.0 dynamically builds forum pages. It's quite sophisticated, but there a few areas where you can insert custom code without getting into trouble (I hope). Saving a sample forum page on my PC and then editing it to get the look I wanted really helped out.

We will continue to tweak the forum as necessay and maybe even incorporate some custom mods. Howver, I would only incorporate custom mods if I can figure out how to create a "mirror" of the forum to use as a test system.

its a nice little thing this vb 3.0.0... nice little extras that help both posters AND mods (the drop down options are a boon)

once you get used to the quick reply box you will not want a forum w/o it it saves so much time and is a pretty kewl feature...

there is one known issue if you want to let people know...

pressing F5 to refresh screen does not bring NEW posts to the top of the list... have to click NEW POSTS to do that...

its annoying and if/when there is a fix I will try and let you know unless you find out about it before hand...

but good job on the upgrade... lookin good... now get skinnin
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