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Good catch Max. The CSS element associated with the user name is labeled bigusername, which had a 14pt font size. I changed it to 12pt and it gives the posts a cleaner look. Well, except for jAkUp's

I looked at the HTML code on the page and there is a width of 175 assigned to that section:

<td class="alt2" width="175">

<div id="postmenu_287993">

<a class="bigusername" href="member.php?u=4114">jAkUp</a>

Not sure why jAkUp's was truncated. Will have to investigate further.

PS: It seems to be related to the images he included in his post. Notice how they cause the width of the post to go past the standard size. In that case, it's specific to that post. This one looks fine:

BTW, have you moved your mouse over the nV News logo?
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