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I have been buggig the people in the linux discussion but I thjink this belongs here now.

I had problems getting the drivers installed and I would really like to that Andy for helping me out. The drivers are now in on my nForce board by Asus. Now I have some type of config problem. I am a windows guy but I wanted to try linux on my other machine so for anyone who answers my question please remember I have no idea of what I am talking about so be patient please.

when I go into the Mandrake control center and click on my Network & Internet button it brings up the Mandrake control center under lan configuration it shows my interface as eth0 protocol as dhcp driver as nvnet but the state is down?? why?
It also does not show an ip address so I don't think it recieved one from my router.

I set it for automatic ip detection why is it shutting down my card?

I can hit the connect button and it will bring up the network monitor and change the state to up. it will run a test and give me figures but when the test is over it shuts down my card again??

I am running an Athlon 2000+ Asus motherboard a7n-266-e 256 pc 2100 ram a 20 gig hard drive and Mandrake 9.0

I can see the lights on my linksys 4 port router/switch light up so I know it when the card is up or down as well as the status change in the lan configuration

can someone run me through this from scratch since I have nbo clue what is wrong?

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