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Sorry for butting in the discussion!

Sax resp. sax2 is a Xf86Config writing
and video mode online-test utility more confortable than the classical
xf86config. It belongs to the SusE distro. For Xfree version 4.x sax2 and not sax
should be used.

The error message regarding to

" Well, I already told you what Sax said:
(EE) NVIDIA (0): Aborting
(EE) Screen(s) found, but not a usable configuration. "

is strange indeed for it is a typical error message of xinit one gets
if the NVdriver cannot be found or has the wrong time-stamp. modules.dep
and NVdriver must have the same last accessed stamp, etc.
A "depmode -a" should fix it.A Duron 1.2 MHz should work with 586-code
Even on my very old AMD 133 MHz it worked. That's probably not the issue here.

So my question to Leon G. is:
What does a
" find -name "NVdriver" "
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