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Default Benchmarks?


Sorry guys! didnt see the UT2004 Benchamrk page, advertisin Umark for the full retail version!!

Anyone want it, try one of these results


Hi all
Sorry if someone else has mention this...

has ANYONE found a way to benchmark the FULL THING?? Everywhere has batch files for the demo, and command lines for the demo, and a program called "UT2004 Demo Benchmark v099.7d"

Now these methods, on the full game, produce these results:

3.595661 / 391.290009 / 1.#INF00 fps
Score = 379.394653

1.997021 / 444.444336 / 1.#INF00 fps
Score = 428.548737

My spec is a Athlon 3200+, 1gb ddr400 2.0cl ram, 256mb radeon 9800xt pro

Anyone help it would be greatly appretiated!! Cheers!

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