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Captain I have the same board as you and had the same problems with red hat I went to mandrake 9.0 and had it straighted out but there are things that you need to do in a specific order for you to get the drivers installed that a noob like myself did not have any clue on until I started to beg for advice.

1. install with the developement package. If you do not you will not have a c compiler installed.

2. install the kernel-source rpm from disk 3 otherwise the compiler will have nothing to compile. to do this I copied the file to my desktop opened a console and cd to the Desktop. Once you are there you type su It will ask for your password. Type in your root password. Then type rpm -ivh {kernel-source rmp name here} this will take a little time and you will not know if it is doing anything for a little while.

3. I used the tar files. I copied them to my desktop. Right click on the tar file and select unpack here. it will create a new directory called nforce. go back into your console if you didn't close it you should still be logged in as root and be in Desktop. cd nforce will change directory to the nforce directory you just unpacked. type make and it will run some stuff when it is done type make install and you should have the drivers installed.
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