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Default Re: First experience with Linux

Originally posted by netviper13
a message saying X doesn't want to run. Hehe, so now I at least sort of know my way around the CLI, and a little bit of how to use Vi.

x does not want to run? wow how did you do that? i am assuming you did not recompile anything.

LOL, having fun with the command line
I have to use VI for most of my c++ programming. If you want more info on a native command or you are unsure what a function does just type man [and the command]

eg. man vi, gives you the documentation for the vi editor

to quit man, type q. If that does not work use ctrl-Z and type ps and then kill [followed by the number which is assigned to man].
Yeah it is cheesy if you are new to a type of cli. Even better type
man man.

Trust me VI is one of the best editors for programming. Try pine instead of your default netscape messenger. It is one nice looking cli mail client.
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