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Default Re: Any one try Knoppix

Just tried Knoppix for the first time just a short time agoa and it save my ass today.

Had a mail server running on nt4 go down. Could not boot tried memmory and other parts with no luck.

I ghosted the hard drive and tried to recover from the nt cd with no luck. Tried booting the drive as secoundary in an xp system and the XP ssytem wouldn't even boot. Things were looking bad. Booted off the knoppix slueth - I think - cd and got onto the domain copied all of the email servers configuration and user database files off the ntfs partician onto a network share.

Set up a new server copied over the files I had copied from the knoppix session and did an upgrade of the software and went home an hour later........................long day though but atleast it ended.
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