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Originally posted by Matthyahuw
ummmmmm, tell me about it...

where do you usually go dex? and what are you running?
Matt, i am not trying to impugn you. You do a good job moderating that forum and cleaning it up. But having a general linux forum like that is just chaotic.
I would suggest that the linux forum be only for helping out with nvidia related problems on linux. Most of the threads i see in that forum are already there. I usually do not offer much advice in there since i am not as good as some of the other folks in there. I try to help out with general queries etc.
(i am not able to figure out whether you are ticked of at me or not)

As for where i get all of my linux related help is from the computer science techie (in my college). He is a genius when it comes to unix programming and linux related troubles. He was the person who helped me out in getting the linux cores installed on the sun sparc 20 which i have hooked up to the mainframe. I am currently using his customized version of the mandrake core kernel 4.3.2 . It has some faults but it is very stable. I am right now trying to get the latest version of x running on my system.

Before i went to college i used to be part of linux small group on an australian irc. Apart from that most of what i learnt comes from books. My first computer a 486 had unix on it instead of windows. So i kinda grew up on the wrong tree.
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