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find-name isn't found because there's supposed to be a space between "find" and "-name"

Try find /lib/modules -name NVdriver instead, because I don't know where the find command's default path is, but I always give it somewhere to start looking. Just to make sure it doesn't do anything stupid.

OK, sax (and/or sax2) is a config-file-writing tool. Don't use it!!! The same type of thing might go for this 3ddiag program.

The problem with sax at least, is that it doesn't recognize the proper way to install the nVidia drivers. So once they are installed correctly, and working, if you run sax/sax2, your config file can get overwritten, which will destroy the changes that made the nVidia drivers work in the first place (Mandrake's GUI configuration tools are notorious for this kind of behavior). Obviously this isn't good.

Just try to startx (after manually making sure the proper lines are set up in XF86Config-4), and then post your /var/log/XFree86.0.log file, I think that will help.
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