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Default newer cards

actually all the newer cards seem to have worse tvout.

my msi geforce 4 ti4600 has all kinds of horizontal banding, looks horrible coming through svideo to my hdtv sony. ( this is my second gf4 ti4600, i took back the first thinking that this horrible tvout was a defect... NOPE!)
really unusable at all. trash tvout.

my asus and visionteck geforce 3's are fuzzy on the text, can't surf the net or really read the desktop well, but good enough for most games and video.

my geforce 2's (asus and generic) have excellent tvout, clear clean and very crisp, all text is very readable, can surf the net as easily as watch any movie and gameplay (for a gf2) looks great.

same cables all going to same tv in same computer....

i tried disabling the fan on card thinking mabey it was interference...

so i use my gf2 in an old dual p3 rig i use as a server, and made it my video server as well.

anywho to make a long story short, nvidia seems to be going backwards with its tvout. more features mabey but it looks like sh!te.
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