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Default Re: The 5800 Debacle

Originally Posted by ragejg
did I tell yall bout he damn resolve of this mofo? Holy jeezus, he takes one in teh nuts on a goddang nv30 no less, and he sucks that dang gut up and orders his self ANOTHER one o them nv30's!!!

"#%&** BAH!111 J00 shoulda bought 5900XT!! J00 shoulda bought R300!! OMGWTF!'

I say "bah" to those about to post something like the above quote. Good card, good perf., good find, good resolve...

heh, sorry bout teh redneck thing up @ top, I couldn't help it...

LOL way cool Rage. The laugh alone was worth $200..

Actually, the laugh was worth your keychain. Paypal me $10 to cover the shipping and it's yours. I'll include the manual and CDs as memorobilia as well.

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