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Just got the game today and it runs excellent at 1024x768 all options maxed except anisotropic on 1 (instead of 4) and water on very high (instead of ultra high) thats with aa set to very high which is maxed also. I'm gonna try ultra high on the water now and also mess with anisotropic to see if it still plays great. I tried multiplayer and it ran very good for about 5 minutes then it said I was losing the connection and asked if I wanted to disconnect. Time to go and play some more. Damn this game looks beautiful

Okay I just tried water on ultra high and it still runs great. Game even looks better now. COOL!
Here is a few screenshots. I had to lower the res when i saved them so they would upload here. the first shot shows my fps with all settings maxed (water ultra high, AA maxed only af set to 1)
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